WABI-SABI in Paris

The exhibition to present the beauty of Japan: “WABI-SABI” was held in Paris at the Espace Evolution on the 15th (Wed) to the 17th (Fri) of June 2011. This time was the first time that 290 works including calligraphy, poetry, and crafts work in the theme of “minimalistic beauty” were displayed.
During this time, SUZUKINE Co. LTD and ICHIZO Co. LTD exhibited YUZAN armors and ICHIZO dolls in the exhibition.
Francoise Morechand, the French national merit award winner for contributions of cultural exchange between Japan and France, and Caroline Mathieu, the head curator of the Orsay museum, came as guest speakers for the event. We found this was an opportunity to deepen connections between our hosts of the exhibition and the Japanese attendees.
We felt this exhibition reminded us of how Japanese culture has attracted attention from around the world.
Therefore, we will devote ourselves to make armor that incorporates old tradition and technology, with a new sense of creativity. We hope to continue to convey the beauty, tradition, and culture of Japan.