“ICHIZO DOLL” was created in 2007 with the cooperation of armourer “SUZUKINE YUZAN”. These dolls are dressed in authentic armour.The armour is made by the same process as the real thing. The head, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hip joints can be moved as you wish. The doll's faces are not printed. They are carefully painted by hand individually. First the artisans paint the dolls, creating a 3-D effect. Then, the doll's eyes are carefully drawn on one by one using seven colors. In this way-no doll has an identical expression. There are many styles of dolls “WANPAKU RIDER” “WANPAKU BAND” “WANPAKU SAMURAI” etc... Please enjoy looking at our trasitional Japanese dolls: “ICHIZO DOLL”


Japan Expo was broadcast on a Japanene American community news program is southern california.