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Samurai Boy “Date Masamune : Samurai Horseman”

The original armored doll
“Date Masamune: Samurai Horseman” has appeared!

  • Samurai Boy on the iron horse
    Height : 48cm (19in)
    The armor is all handmade.

  • His face was tinted in six colors and his eyes were completed by hands..

  • The boy wears the armor reproduced from a real armor.

  • The horse was reproduced by using parts of armor(core:wood, parts:iron・aluminum).

  • The horse was reproduced by using parts of armor(core:wood, parts:iron・aluminum).

This doll comes from our collaboration collection with SUZUKINE YUZAN in 2004. Combing our simple, modern and fashionable style, we’ve created this magnificent doll.

The Samurai Boy may appear cute, however it stands firm. For those who adore samurai, this doll is for you. Also this makes the perfect gift for friends and family who enjoy fine handcrafted Japanese art.

In Japan, ICHIZO dolls are highly evaluated as works of art.
Adhering to its’hand-drawn and finishing techniques, this doll makes a fine addition to any collection.

Height : 48cm (19in)


■ face・body ・head :resin

■ armor: brass

■ crest (shape of the crescent
moon): brass plating

■ thread: pure silk

■ horse: iron

It's gone out of production.

Product Description

The original armored doll “Date Masamune: Samurai Rider” has appeared!

Born from collaboration with SUZUKINE YUZAN in 2004, no one but Ichizo can produce such
a simple, yet modern and fashionable doll.

This is a replica of the armor which the legendary samurai
Date Masamune wore, including his helmet with a horn in the
image of a crescent moon to provoke interest to the doll.

The authenticity of Ichizo is presented through the details
such as the realness of the face and the flexible joints.

The armor itself is produced by YUZAN SUZUKINE , a popular
4th generation Japanese armorsmith.

This fantastic armor is real and handmade just like any armor
displayed in the studio of YUZAN SUZUKINE.

This armor was destined for the realistic design of the ICHIZO
doll. All ICHIZO dolls are crafted, painted, and detailed by hand with no printing or machinery.
Therefore each doll has no copy, making all of them truly special.

For example, the doll’s eyes are carefully drawn on, using
a blend of six colors. In this way, the doll’s gentle expression
is expressed as if it were a real child. The fingers of the hands
and the structure of the foot are the fruit of detailed

Additionally, you can move the joints of the head, arms, and
waist freely allowing you to display it in any pose you desire.

Furthermore, the horse prepared for the ICHIZO doll is highly
evaluated as an excellent piece of art. The horse itself is an
original design, crafted from the same materials and methods
as the armor itself. Adhering to its’ hand-drawn and finishing
techniques, this doll would make a fine addition to any

As a symbol for growth and success in business since ancient
times, the horse is revered in Japan to bring good fortune upon
its owner. An old Japanese idiom: 勝ち馬にのる (kachi-uma-ni-noru), says that one who gallops
high on his horse, gains the most riches. Therefore these make excellent gifts for business

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